Half Day Fishing (9.00am - 1.00pm or 1.00pm - 17.00pm) Includes transport to and from Hotel and 1 rods, bait, tackle, guide and meals + soft drinks


We will pick you up at 8:30am and 12.30am ready to start fishing at 9am or 1.00pm. we will then drop you and any non-fishing members of your party back at your hotel after you have finished. The times are flexible to suit your needs. We supply each angler with 2 rods, one for Carp species (we have many including the worlds largest, Siamese Giant Carp), and a 2nd rod targeting predators such as Alligator Gar, Tepah and Amazonian Red Tail Leopard Catfish. It's also possible to fish both rods targeting single species if you prefer and have a target species in mind. We choose two separate methods and baits as this increases number of bites and also the range of species you can catch. Some species are omnivore and will be caught on both set ups, others are strictly predatory and will only take live or dead bait. For more information regarding full list of species stocked and their current average and maximum sizes please contact us and we'll give you a full run down. Due to the lakes abundant ecosystem, the growth rate of the stocked species is incredible, many species stocked originally at just a few kgs when the lake opened are now well over 20-70kg. Lake records for all species are constantly being re-broken, and many of the species are reproducing so this shows just how healthy the lake environment is. Fish do not breed and grow quickly unless conditions are prime. So not only are you fishing in Beautiful surroundings, but the fish themselves are growing and reproducing at a rate equal and in many cases above how they would in their individual natural habitats. We have fish stocked from all over the tropical world, of course their are Asian species (over 10 separate carp species) and numerous local catfish species including Giant Mekong Catfish (Blah Buk) and Chao Phraya Catfish (Blah Sawai). We also have some species from Africa and Central and Southern America such as the stunning and photogenic Amazonian Red Tails and the ferocious Alligator Gar which you can often see swimming around in the margins stalking their prey.

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Our Daily Package is aimed at Tourists and expats who do not have their own tackle or have limited experience in methods and baits used to catch the species stocked in Go Bee Fishing Park.

Go Bee Fishing Park is about 20 mins drive from Chiang Mai town Center.  We will pick you up around 7:30am and drop you back around 10:30pm so you can enjoy a full days fishing.  Prices quoted are per angler and are fully inclusive of transfer to and from your Hotel, full day package also includes all tackle, bait, and two full meals of authentic Thai cuisine.  If you have any favorite dishes let us know in advance and if you prefer western food, our chef can prepare a wide variety of popular western dishes.  We can also provide food suitable for the youngest in your fishing party with Pasta/spaghetti, French Fries, chicken nuggets etc.  We have our own Children, so many things we have on site, any special requests let us know minimum 24 hrs in advance.  

Non-fishers are welcome and they will only be charged a small supplement only if they are joining you to eat in our restaurant.  Our Bar/Restaurant can supply any drinks or snacks they may need.  Paying Fisherman only has to pay for drinks if they are alcoholic.  Our fully stocked bar can provide a refreshing ice-cold beer at any time.  So if you want to celebrate a catch, enjoy a sundowner with your non-fishing friends and sip a cocktail as the sunsets across the lake.  Or perhaps relive the days action with other fisherman at the bar at the end your session, our waterside Restaurant and Bar makes all this possible.

Our waterside restaurant is built to fish from, so you have the choice to eat and fish there or we can serve your meals bank side on one of our shady tables.  So no matter where you choose to eat, you will still be next to your rods while you are eating and no valuable fishing time will be wasted.

Children are welcome and we are happy to instruct them, for the very young ones just starting out we have light tackle fishing, which usually produces non stop action, this often produces edible species such as Tub Tim (tastes like a freshwater red snapper), and we will happily cook your catch so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.  All of the prime species must be returned alive and unharmed.  

Go Bee Fishing Park is in a beautiful location, surrounded by rice fields, there are many attractions near by for the non fisherman (wives, friends, Children), we have our own crocodile pit, Children’s play area and ATV's which are available for hire to be driven off road on our land and some trails close to the lake.  Also within 5 -  10 mins drive there is the Night Safari, also Royal Flora Ratchaphruek botanical gardens, pus there are numerous Temples and Wiang Kum Kam, The Ancient Lost City is nearby, we are happy to arrange a time table for non fisherman to have a full day of fun close enough to you that they can return to eat with you at meal times.

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