Go B Fishing Park in Chiangmai Thailand offers you the opportunity for incredible action provided by the fish which are a mixture of local Thai Species and a few special rare imported species from other tropical regions that thrive in the Northern Thailand Climate. So whether it's one of our many members of the Carp species, including the legendary Siamese Giant Carp, or the beautiful and rare Juliens Golden Price Carp, we have a large enough selection of carp species to satisfy the desire of all carp specialists. 


Freshwater fishing in Chiang Mai Thailand

At Go'B fishing park we pride ourselves on quality,

providing you with a truly unique all-inclusive Northern Thailand fishing experience.



For those seeking the incredible strength and power of
the various catfish species,we have a selection from around
the world, including the Amazonian Red Tailed Catfish
and the local infamous Mekong Giant Catfish,
the worlds largest freshwater fish.There are also a variety
of preditory species for those that wish to fish with livebait.
We also cater to the flyfisherman who will find no problems
with casting around the lake.

We open 9.00 am. untill 5.00 pm.

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